Vermont Historic Sites

Vermont Historic Sites

Take a reality-based tour through history at Vermont’s State-Owned Historic Sites.

Early Settlement

Long before the European settlers arrived in what is now Vermont, Native peoples camped, hunted and fished their way up and down the Champlain Valley. Chimney Point State Historic Site, tells the story of not only these original Vermonters, but also the French who were to follow them in securing this strategic location.

Revolutionary War

During the summer of 1777 the tide turned for the Colonists in the Revolutionary War. Mount Independence and Hubbardton played crucial roles in the eventual defeat of the British. Today these Vermont State historic sites (and the Bennington Battle Monument and the Old Constitution House – where delegates from the newly formed Republic of Vermont crafted their constitution) bring this history to life through reenactments, lectures, living history, exhibits and special events.

U.S. Presidents and Senators

It was in Plymouth Notch, Vermont , that vacationing Vice President Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th President of the United States by the light of a kerosene lamp in his Vermont home. Today Plymouth Notch remains a pristine example of an early 20th century Vermont hill town. President Chester A. Arthur’s childhood home is also preserved, as is the gothic cottage style home, gardens and barns of Senator Justin Morrill.


Not all history happens on land. Lake Champlain, one of the nation’s most historic waterways, contains countless shipwrecks dating back to the 1700’s. The state maintains five underwater historic sites for scuba divers.

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Vermont History Trek  

The Vermont History Trek is a state-wide adventure challenge that explores Vermont’s historic sites.  Fun activities and outdoor adventures unveil what history - is all about. Get started on the quest and earn points for prizes.

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