Distribution Policy

Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing (VDTM)
Proactive Distribution of Names and Addresses Gathered
From the VDTM Distribution/Fullfillment System

Information Collection and Use: VDTM's Website does not use cookies. For each visitor to this web site, VDTM's Web server automatically recognizes the name of the visitor's internet domain and records information regarding what pages are accessed. VDTM does not correlate that information with individual users, but rather just tracks user patterns in general. VDTM does this in order to study the usefulness of the content to visitors and to see if the navigational structure is helpful in getting our users to that information.

Context of Distribution Process: From time to time, the Department may solicit names, physical addresses, e-mail addresses and other related demographical information from individuals or businesses (hereinafter "Information"). Information is collected on the basis of inquiries for tourism or travel information; the first use of the Information is often a method of fulfilling the inquiry. This policy addresses the subsequent proactive and systematic distribution of the Information to parties outside of the Department.

Scope of Distribution Process: Unless otherwise required by law, it is the intent of the Department to limit the scope of proactive and systematic distribution of Information to the following:

Internal Department Use: At the Department's discretion, beyond fulfilling the transaction for which the Information was supplied, the Department may use the Information for aggregate analysis for Department purposes.

Department Contractors: At the Department's discretion, Information may be supplied to Department contractors for Department purposes.

Vermont Marketing Entities: At the Department's discretion, Information may be supplied to Regional Marketing Organizations and to statewide, non-profit organizations, provided those entities are in the business of promoting Vermont as a travel destination. Entities included under this subsection must have a grant agreement or marketing agreement with the Department that is effective on the date the Information is to be provided. The supply of Information will be accomplished pursuant to an Inquiry (Lead) Proactive Distribution Process Notice of Intent Document.

Intra-Agency: At the Department's discretion, Information may from time to time be shared within the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, of which the Department is a part, for Agency and/or Department purposes.

Utilization of Information: The Department intends that the Information provided through this process will be utilized by the receiving entities described in section 2, subparts b and c, above, for purposes designed to promote Vermont as a travel destination in a manner consistent with the Vermont brand, as defined by the Department's continuing brand research efforts, and in a manner compatible with established Department marketing themes, including cultural heritage, agricultural heritage, natural heritage, four-season outdoor recreation, and Vermont-made products. The Department further intends that the Information provided will be distributed by receiving entities to other third parties for one-time use only.

Term of Process: The Department retains the right to cease sending Information through this process to any and all of the receiving entities described in section 2, subparts b and c at any time whether for cause or convenience.

Distribution Policies of Others: The Department is not responsible for the distribution policies of its partners.

Disclaimer: The State of Vermont, VDTM, and any of its officers or employees do not warrant the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information provided by receiving entities or other third parties, do not endorse any products or services by receiving entities or other third parties, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information, or losses caused by or related to such products or services.

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