Flavors of the Country

Fresh veggies are part of life in Vermont.

Our farmers and craftspeople get together at town centers around Vermont at local farmers' markets.

The roadside farm stand with its selection of that day's harvest has long been a part of the Vermont scene; the farmers market takes it to a whole new level. Think of them as a large gourmet food store where "buy local" is the motto.

Some of these amazing markets are in cities, like those in the state capital of Montpelier, or in Burlington, St. Albans, Rutland and Brattleboro. Others are held weekly on scenic village greens in towns like Waitsfield in the Mad River Valley, Chelsea, Danville, Fairlee and Bristol.

In all, about 60 farmer's markets throughout the state offer bustling kiosks and stands that are a colorful Green Mountain twist on the European, straight-from-the-farm tradition. They feature a cornucopia of vegetables and fruits, honey, award-winning goat and sheep farmstead cheeses, sumptuous breads and baked goods, and food stands serving everything from Korean to Mexican delicacies. Many also have a variety of cut flowers and perennial plants, as well as locally made arts and crafts.

For more information and a listing of Vermont’s Farmers Markets.

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Maple Facts
•  It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup.
•  Vermont maple syrup is, by law, 100% pure. Meaning - you're getting absolutely, positively nothing but syrup.
•  Vermont syrup comes in four grades. Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, Grade A Dark Amber and Grade B.
•  Vermont produces more than a third of the nation's annual crop of syrup.
To learn more about sugaring, visit the Vermont Maple Web site maintained by the Vermont Sugarmakers Association. Or, to plan a visit to Vermont during Sugaring Season, click here.