So Much to See and Do.
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Themes available:
Welcome and Information Centers
Keep it Moving
Activities for groups from indoor climbing wall to hiking in the greater outdoors.
For the Love of Birds
Learn about birds at Vermont's museum and enjoy birding around the state.
Quilts, Wool and Fabric
Events, farms and quilting stores.
That's Entertainment
Enjoy a show at a small opera house or get entertained at one of our attractions.
Flowers, Blossoms and Gardens
Perfect visits for garden clubs.
Culinary Experience in Vermont.
It's all about farms, foods and festivals.
Vermont Famous Faces and Places
Special places about Vermont.
Vermont Made
Proudly made in Vermont, some location offers hands-on experience.
From flocks to Herds
Everyone loves animals of all shapes and sizes.
Civil War, Revolutionary War and more
Special exhibits and events.
Educational travel and field trips
Vermont offers many curriculum based activities.
Shopping Experience
From old fashioned country stores to outlet shopping.
What's new in Vermont
New attractions and activities for groups.
Performance Venues
Events and other locations for choirs and bands.
Location for group lunch
Restaurants, small historical inn and attactions.
French around Vermont (French version)
French around Vermont (English version)
Attractions offering self guided tour with French information, or guided in French.
Photo Stops
Parking available for these great vistas and covered bridges.

Helpful Links
Our Vermont receptive tour operators will be happy to take care of your itineraries.  You can find their contact information by clicking here .