Vermont Is Proud To Welcome You

Vermont is a special place in New England filled with kind and friendly people, natural beauty and world class outdoor recreation. Vermont embraces and respects our identity unlike any other state in the nation. Here you’ll find local communities extending an open invitation. The Vermont Department of Tourism and our partners the Vermont Gay Tourism Association are here to assist you with your travel, event and wedding planning.

In July of 2000 Vermont was the first state in the Nation to enact Civil Unions. In 2009 Vermont voted same sex marriage into law. We welcome you to Vermont with open arms and hope that you will visit and experience our culture, scenic beauty, unbound culinary experiences and big hearts.

LGBT Travel

Romantic Getaway

Enjoy a sleigh ride in winter, relax at the spa. Vermont is also the best place for weddings.

Families enjoying the Maple Festival in St. Albans, VT.

Family Vacations

The beautiful landscapes that make Vermont such a special place to visit provide the backdrop for memories of family trips that will last a lifetime.



Perfect packages for beer enthusiasts, wine lovers and culinary.