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The best way to experience Vermont is to tour the roadways that wind through the mountains and meet in the valleys. These are the roads that take travelers through Vermont's forests and farmland to historic villages and towns that are vibrant hubs of culture, commerce and recreation.

Vermont's 10 designated byways range in length from 14 miles to more than 400 miles. An exploration can range in length from an afternoon to an entire summer. Tour the byways by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or train. Any mode of transportation on Vermont’s byways provides access to museums, art galleries, antique auctions and curio shops. Trail heads, swimming holes, waterfalls, hikes and valley views await travelers at every bend. Side excursions unearth the sublime, such as world-class music festivals and outdoor events of every kind. Delightfully down-to-earth occasions to break bread with locals include country diners, farm stands and church suppers. Each stop along the way creates memories that linger long after the vacation ends.

Themed itineraries are available to help jump–start Vermont byway adventures. For foodies seeking local flavors, there's Chews & Brews. Arts & Culture reveals Vermont's creative spirit, while History & Heritage shares the state's varied past. For physical pursuits from mild to wild, Outdoor Recreation serves it up. Access these itineraries for each of Vermont’s 10 designated byways and start planning your journey today. For more information about Vermont’s byways, click on the links below to access each byway directly.

Follow the Vermont Arts Council's recommendations for arts and foliage viewing destinations along Vermont's most scenic drives during foliage season.

For information about exploring Vermont’s byways by rail, visit the Vermont By Rail page. Touring in an electric car? Use the Public Charging Map to stay charged and ready to explore.


Vermont's 10 federally designated scenic byways are are some of the best ways to see the state. From winding roads through charming downtowns to scenic drives through the Green Mountains, find your next adventure along a Vermont byway route.


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