Passports to Vermont

We Challenge You to Find A New Adventure

Challenge yourself to check more of Vermont off your list. Vermont offers hidden attractions all over the state. These lists will help you tackle all there is to do in Vermont - take your time and savor each experience. Vermont is a treasure hunt – you never know what new favorites you’ll find.
Check yourself Checklist


Think you’ve “been there, done that?” Check for yourself by going through this printable list of Vermont adventures.

Vermont Curators Group Exhibition

Passport to Vermont Culture

Score prizes like personalized tours, free museum admission, original Vermont artwork, and more by participating in the Vermont Curators Group's 2020 Vision passport program.

Vermont 251 Club logo.

251 Club

Established in 1954, the 251 Club unites travel enthusiasts who aspire to visit all 251 towns and cities.

Vermont Brewery Challenge passport.

Brewery Challenge

Small state. Big beer. Vermont's brewers are making magic. The Vermont Brewers Association invites you to go on a tasting tour & discover for yourself.

vermont grape and wine council

A Guide to Vermont Wines

Vermont’s wines carry the unique flavor of our culture and climate. Pick up a Vermont Wine Passport at a participating winery, or download one for free.

Vermont Distilled Spirits tasting tour brochure.

Distilled Spirit Tasting

Vermont is home to some of America’s finest artisanal distilleries, proudly producing small-batch spirits the Vermont way... crafted by hand. Tour Green Mountain distilleries.

Vermont Cheese-makers Brochure

Vermont Cheese Trail

The Vermont Cheese Trail introduces you to more than 45 award-winning cheesemakers who produce over 150 small-batch, sheep, cow and goat specialty cheeses.

Vermont Chocolate Trail Samples

Vermont Chocolate Trail Map

Check out the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing's Chocolate Trail! This map will help you find your way around in delicious style.