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However long you have to spend in Vermont, our itineraries are great resources for ideas and inspiration for exploring the Green Mountain State. For foodies, there's tasting tours for wine, beer, distilled spirits and cheese. Culture enthusiasts will relish artist studio tours, the Stone Trail, Civil War guide and guide to African American Heritage for a variety of perspectives. However you Vermont, let us help you find what you're looking for. 

And should you lose your way, or if you are looking for local advice on more places to visit, you may want to stop at one of over fifty Vermont Ambassador Information Centers, where helpful staff will provide a local recommendation.

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A Long Weekend Up North

Vermont's northern region is home to vibrant downtowns, beautiful landscapes and unparalleled outdoor recreation. This itinerary for a long weekend in northern Vermont is sure to inspire you to plan a trip of your own.

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The region is home to a rich roster of museums and cultural heritage stops and great access to the outdoors. Here is an itinerary for a long weekend in central Vermont to help kickstart your planning.

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A Weekend in Southern Vermont

Vermont's southern region is a stronghold of history and culture, as well as home to unique events, bustling downtowns and lots to explore. Our itinerary for a long weekend in southern Vermont will help as you plan your own trip.

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From birding to hiking, and running to mountain biking, these trails are sure to test your endurance.

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Our stories hub is here to help you keep up with what’s going on in Vermont. Read about hidden gems across the Green Mountains and keep thinking Vermont.



Vermont art is inspired by our state's natural beauty. Find scenes made famous in film, beautiful artwork and quality products and take a piece of Vermont home with you.

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African American Heritage Trail

Black Vermonters are an integral part of our state's history. Explore Vermont's Black history and meet the people and places who helped shape the nation along the African American Heritage Trail.

Cheese-maker at Plymouth Cheese.

How It's Made

A factory tour offers a birds-eye view into the making of your favorite Vermont products. Learn how Vermont ice cream, cheese, chocolate and more are produced.

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Vermont by Road

Vermont’s 10 federally designated scenic byways will help you navigate the state and get the most out of your trip, helping you discover more.

Families enjoying the Maple Festival in St. Albans, VT.

Family Vacations

Families come home from Vermont closer than ever. Make memories that will last a lifetime in the Green Mountains.

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Vermont is home to some of the nation's finest award-winning makers. Treat your taste buds on this trail of delicious food and drink.

Vermont's civil war history.

Vermont and the Civil War

Learn about Vermont's Civil War history. Visit museums, historic sites, and public memorials; explore preserved towns and villages, and hike local trails to learn about Vermont's role.

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Think you’ve seen it all in Vermont? Think again - there's always more to discover. This collection of checklists and guides will help you find your next adventure.

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The Vermont Stone Trail

Follow Vermont's Stone Trail and discover the history, art and culture that the granite, marble and slate mining industries infused in the Green Mountain State.

Burlington Ice Carving Festival

Winter Festivals

Embrace the season at one of Vermont’s winter festivals. It’s a memorable way to enjoy snow season with music, food, family fun and seasonal cheer.

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Statewide Events Calendar

Vermont events mean good times with friends and family in the places you love. As you plan, check out what's happening and search for events statewide!

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Vermont is home to unique lodging, world-class recreation, local food, shopping, history and art in beautiful surroundings. Plan your trip with our directory.