A Vermont LGBTQ+ Vacation

A Place All Its Own

Vermont is a place unlike any other, where diverse natural beauty creates the space to slow down, look around, and simply take notice. Your days can be as full or unplanned as you like because it’s not about what you achieve or acquire, it’s about how you feel. Here freedom and unity exist together to inspire, restore, and bring you to a whole new state.

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Vermont is always in season and each season offers a new landscape and opportunities to enjoy the Green Mountain State the way you want.



Home to 251 towns and cities, 23 historic downtowns and a variety of scenic roads to connect one to the next, there are many ways to explore Vermont.



Variety keeps things interesting and your days spent in Vermont can be as full or unplanned as you like. Your vacation awaits.

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Vermont’s planning resources will lead you in the right direction to plan your visit and discover something new while you are here.


Rainbow Road Trip - LGBTQ

Rainbow Road Trip: The Ultimate Green Mountain Adventure

True pride — the kind that lasts 365 days per year — is found in the welcoming state of Vermont. Discover scenic drives dotted with hiking trails, beer trails, and cheese trails.

Celebrating pride in Vermont

Celebrating Vermont Pride: A State of Freedom and Unity

Burlington’s Pride Parade is community-focused and celebrated on the Burlington Waterfront, overlooking Lake Champlain. Find an inn with individuality, get a taste of New England, and experience what small town, big pride feels like.

LGBTQ+ all over the State of Vermont

How to Plan an LGBTQ+ Vermont Adventure, Any Time of Year

The real secret to appreciating the Green Mountain State is to dive in throughout all four seasons. Activities in Vermont are boundless, from high-energy adventures to gentler ways to soak up nature's majesty.

LGBTQ - heritage blog

LGBTQ+ Communities Heritage Blog

Southern Vermont celebrates diversity by reflecting on gay rights history – where it started and what Vermont is and has been doing legislatively. Learn more about how diversity is celebrated through the arts and explore local resources.

Brattleboro Vermont - towns and regions


#LoveBrattleboroVT is a love letter from the Town, host to 1000+ arts and culture events each year, welcoming visitors to Brattleboro with open arms. You will fall in love with Brattleboro again and again.

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Vermont has among highest rate of LGBTQ people in the nation

Vermont is known for comparatively high legal protections and cultural acceptance of their peers. That may contribute to people being more willing to openly identify LGBTQ.

LGBTQ+ Resources

Pride Center of Vermont - Logo

Pride Center of Vermont

The Pride Center of Vermont affirms and celebrates the community with Pride festivals, parades and strong advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights. Find the latest events around Vermont.

Rainbow Flags in support of LGBTQ

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Vermont is proud of its commitment to accessibility and openness to people of all races, creeds, gender, and sexual identities. Learn more about Vermont's efforts to commit to a better future.

LGBTQ weddings in Vermont

A Perfect Vermont Wedding

Vermont is one of the nation's top wedding destinations. With rustic barns, stately churches, and rolling hills, there's a perfect view whichever way you look. Say your "I Do's" in Vermont.