Foliage Forecaster

Please note: This is only an approximation of typical foliage color progression. The exact timing of the color change varies year to year. 

To use the map, scroll through the weekly dates at the bottom. Click the << icon to view the time of season shown on the map.

Leaves change color based on a variety of factors including light level, temperature, soil conditions and more. Here in Vermont, the color starts in northern regions and at higher elevations, progressing southward and downward into the valleys. 

Each foliage year differs. Using GIS data, VCGI has developed an overview of last year's progression.

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Vermont’s byways, mountains, and downtowns beckon. We invite you to plan a Vermont summer at your favorite spots, or head off the beaten path to find someplace new to love.

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Vermont is home to unique lodging, world-class recreation, local food, shopping, history and art in beautiful surroundings. Plan your trip with our directory.

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Whether your trip to Vermont will be a mid-week getaway or a month-long retreat, our itineraries will help you explore the Green Mountain State.

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Scenic Drives

Get cozy in your car and settle in for a beautiful, scenic drive through Vermont's historic downtowns, quaint roadside stops and scenic vistas. 

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Fall Lodging Packages

Midweek lodging deals can be a great way to save money during the foliage season.

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