Knight Point State Park, North Hero

North Hero
Round trip: 1 mile
Hike Time: 30 minutes
Directions: Knight Point State Park is four miles north of Grand Isle Village and three miles south of North Hero Village on US Route 2. Click to map.

A trail loops around the point and offers scenic lake and shore vistas, plus intimate opportunity for close-up nature and forest viewing. A connecting path cuts through the meadow for those wishing to shorten the walk. Both trails are wide and easy to follow.

The land you can see south of Knight Point is Grand Isle. The channel between the islands is known as “The Gut” and is one of only three navigable routes between the main body of Lake Champlain, and the lake’s “inland sea,” east of the drawbridge. Because it is spanned by a draw bridge, this is the only passage suitable for sailboats and large cruisers. There is usually plenty of boat traffic to watch from the beach.
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