Farm Stands

Get to Know Your Farmer

Farm stands have played an important role in Vermont’s food system for over 50 years. They allow consumers to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and other products directly from farmers who dedicate their lives to the growing season. Many of these farms offer an organic line of products as well.

Imagine buying a pepper that was picked just hours before, never touching a plastic package. Picture yourself picking up an ear of corn that was harvested only 200 feet away. This buy local, farm-to-plate mentality is what makes Vermont’s culinary scene so unique.

In the fall, an apple picking outing sure beats raking leaves. You can drive on Route 2 into the Lake Champlain Islands, turn left in South Hero and follow signs for Hackett's orchard. Or visit any number of orchards around the state.

Pick-your-owns aren't just about fruits, either. In September, at Chappelle's in Williamstown, it's a family event to go out in the fields and pluck potatoes off the ground. Or you can usually get a big bag of today's pick, for a great price, right near the scales.

After fall harvest, while at the pretty Cedar Circle Farm in East Thetford, Ellie's Farm Market in Riverton, or at other stands throughout the state, you can pick out your own Halloween pumpkins.

A Vermont farmer with his livestock.


Visiting a local farm stand or pick your own is a simple, beautiful way to buy your produce. Find orchards, meet producers and get to know Vermont's local food scene.

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Farmers Markets

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