Getting Here

You're Never too far from Vermont

Getting to Vermont is part of the adventure. You're thinking Vermont as soon as you're on your way, whether you choose to drive here, fly or travel by train. Find information about the myriad of ways to set your sights on the Green Mountains here. 
Birds eye view of a Vermont roadway in the Summer

Drive to Vermont

A road trip to Vermont means exploring and discovery. Find trip suggestions and maps from several major cities near Vermont here.

Vermonter Rail Service


Watch villages and countryside chug by as you travel by train into the heart of the Green Mountains. Start your vacation as soon as you board. Amtrak offers two lines throughout the state; find information about stops and service here.

Vermont sky


Beginning your slow descent over the Green Mountains means you're close to the Vermont vacation of your dreams. Find flights to and from Burlington International Airport, regional service to Rutland, and more options at Vermont’s network of public and private airports.

Vermont ski resort finder map.

Visiting from Abroad

There are lots of ways to cross Vermont's borders from abroad. Check this page for travel planning resources – and check with travel resources to ensure you have up-to-date information.

Vermont Ferry

Visit Vermont by Water

A ferry trip to Vermont starts the journey with a sense of adventure. Find ferry crossings near you and experience Vermont’s waterways – and start your trip with breathtaking views.

Downtown Brandon Vermont during Summer

Get Around Vermont

Public transportation makes getting around Vermont easy once you’re here. Use Vermont’s bus network to get around, or find a ride to get where you need to go.