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The gradually warming days of March are a sure sign that sugaring season is right around the corner. Vermont is the nation’s leading producer of maple syrup. Producing over 1.3 million gallons of syrup, Vermont generates 42% of the country’s maple syrup. Some are thinking “Wow, that’s a lot for such a small state!” but keep in mind, that’s coming from more than 1,500 sugar houses statewide.

Vermonters are proud of their sugarmakers and the products they make. Maple syrup is all-natural and made by a very simple process. Next time you’re in Vermont, especially in the spring, visit a sugar house and buy some maple syrup. Not only are you bringing a small piece of Vermont home with you, but you’re supporting the agricultural heritage and the sugarmakers who work so hard to sustain the productivity of their land. The best part is, you’re purchasing maple products directly from the people who produce them.

Maple Open House Weekend 2016

Maple Open House Weekend

Visit Vermont sugarhouses early April and meet your sugar maker! Tour the grounds, ask questions, get a sweet sample, and create a family tradition. Don't forget to eat - many of the sugarhouses offer pancake breakfasts, sap-boiled hot dogs, sugar-on-snow, doughnuts, and more.

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Bring Home Vermont

Bring a piece of Vermont home with you. Vermont-made products make perfect gifts and extraordinary mementos.

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