Five Vermont Maple Craft Beverage Recipes to Try

We know how well Vermont maple syrup goes with breakfast, but did you know it can take you straight through to cocktail hour? Vermont’s favorite sweetener is the perfect addition to any cocktail recipe that takes a little sugar – but our sugarmakers also have a few signature maple drinks up their sleeves, both mocktails and cocktails. Enjoy these recipes at your next cocktail party, dinner with friends or quiet evening at home. 

1. Maple Lemonade 
Enjoy delicious, refreshing maple lemonade as a chilled drink, or turn it into tasty artisan popsicles for the whole family. This recipe, featuring a nip of mint, isn’t alcoholic, but a splash of vodka makes it party-ready. Enjoy on a hot summer day. 

2. Maple Champagne 
Celebrating something? In Vermont, we’re always ready to honor special occasions and celebrations with our favorite sweetener. This easy, quick maple champagne cocktail dresses up a glass of bubbly and adds a spritz of Vermont to your evening. It’s also delicious substituting prosecco.  

3. Maple Old-Fashioned 
Throw it back and sip old-school with a Vermont twist on a classic bar cocktail. This maple old-fashioned features fragrant gin (try a Vermont distillery for extra flair!), a hint of citrus and a healthy dose of Vermont maple syrup. Impress your friends, amaze your guests or simply look forward to enjoying it by yourself. 

4. Maple Milkshake 
Nothing says Vermont like a maple milkshake. Both maple and dairy products are some of our biggest exports, and we are thrilled to find a recipe that features both. This recipe calls for a splash of bourbon; for a family-friendly creamy treat, simply leave it out. 

5. Tap and Tonic 
Rosemary and Vermont maple syrup are the stars of the show in this signature Vermont sugarmakers’ cocktail. Serve in either a highball glass or an empty jar, garnished with lemon zest; this Vermont twist on a classic never fails to start the party. 

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