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Whether your trip to Vermont will be a mid-week getaway or a month long retreat, our itineraries are great sources for ideas for exploring the Green Mountain State. For foodies there's tasting tours for wine, beer, distilled spirits and cheese. For culture junkies artist studio tours, the Marble Trail, Civil War guide and guide to African American Heritage provide a variety of perspectives. Palate to Palette is a delicious mash up of farm, food and the arts, while outdoor recreation, scenic drives, Vermont Byways, walking tours and the birding guide lure you into Vermont's great outdoors. However your spirit is moved, let us help you find what you're looking for.

And should you lose your way, or if you are looking for local advice on more places to visit you may want to stop at one of over fifty Vermont Ambassador Information Centers, where staff will give you a local recommendation.
head out on an arts and culinary tour that take you to museums, farms, restaurants and more

Palate to Palette

Embark on a feast of food, farms and the arts. You'll find everything from artisan chocolates, farmstead cheese and maple cream, to exemplary theater, music, arts, and fine craft.

elderly African American woman with white hair sitting with a quilt over her knees

African American Heritage Trail

For the stories of Vermont’s early African Americans citizens, this guide recommends museums and cultural sites, exhibits, films, tours and personal explorations. You'll meet teachers, storytellers, activists, ministers and legislators who made Vermont and the nation a better place for all.

a furniture maker stands in his studio smiling into the camera

Artist Studio Tours

Vermont is home to an impressive number of highly talented artists and craftspeople who open their studios to welcome visitors for conversation, demonstrations, browsing and sales. Learn more:  Putney Craft Tour, Rock River Artists Open Studio Tour, and  Vermont Open Studio Weekend

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Birding Trail

All you have to do is stop, look, and listen. With a varied landscape of forests, meadows and water features, Vermont is a great location for viewing everything from large flocks of migratory birds to solitary song birds. Check out the Birding Trail for viewing areas, places to visit and birding events.

Fiddlehead brewmaster standing beside tank used to brew beer

Brewery Challenge

Small state. Big beer. Vermont's brewers are making magic. The Vermont Brewers Association invites you to go on a tasting tour & discover for yourself.

a variety of vermont-made cheeses

Cheese Trail

The Vermont Cheese Council introduces you to more than 40 cheesemakers who produce over 150 varieties of small-batch, sheep, cow and goat specialty cheeses and have won literally scores of awards.

unpainted covered bridge over a pond with trees around it

Covered Bridges

Vermont has more than 100 covered bridges, ranging from small constructions built over country streams, to the longest two-span covered bridge in the world.

collection of Vermont liquor bottles showing the variety of spirits made in Vermont

Distilled Spirit Tasting

Vermont is home to some of America’s finest artisanal distilleries, proudly producing small batch spirits the Vermont way... crafted by hand.

two men with large film cameras prepare to film a woman reclined in a hammock

Filmed in Vermont

Take a “star-studded” road-trip discovering Vermont film history. Run through fall foliage with Forrest Gump, laugh along Lake Champlain with Jim Carrey in Me, Myself and Irene and reminisce with Diane Keaton at the Vermont Country Store in Baby Boom. There are dozens of locations and film festivals to explore.

a close-up photograph of red maple leaves

Forest Heritage Trail

Vermont forests are rich in northern hardwoods, ideal for making fine wooden products. The Forest Heritage Trail helps visitors explore a centrally-located managed forest and visit a variety of woodshops and showrooms making fine furniture, hand-turned bowls, and wooden toys and games.

a sculpture made of marble in the shape of a circle enclosed in a rectangle

Marble Trail

The Vermont Marble Trail is a driving tour along the geological marble corridor running the length of western Vermont. Visitors will find a wealth of historical, artistic and cultural experiences as they visit towns and villages where marble was quarried, manufactured and used in construction.

a young man in a red t-shirt rides his bike at top speed

Outdoor Recreation Trails

From hiking to biking, to skiing to horseback riding, and for everything from water trails to motorized trails, trailFINDER helps you find an outdoor activity near you, wherever you are in Vermont. Get out, get active, and explore.

yellow roadside stand advertising an upcoming farmers market

Vermont Byways

The best way to experience Vermont is to leave the highways and travel the secondary roads.

a dirt topped road between tall maple trees that are beginning to turn yellow

Scenic Drives

Vermont is perfect for touring by car, motorcycle or antique auto. Scenic routes offer sweeping forest and farmland vistas, quaint villages, and quiet country roads.

historic black and white photograph of Civil War soldiers posing for a photo in clean uniforms

Vermont and the Civil War

Experience the fervor of Abolitionists, the bravery and dedication of Vermont's soldiers, and the drama of the northern-most land action of the Civil War. Visit museums, historic sites, and public memorials; explore preserved towns and villages, and hike local trails to discover Vermont’s Civil War history.

a view of roof tops in a small town that includes houses and a large church and church steeple

Local Walking and Driving Tours

Explore Vermont along unhurried roadways and in pedestrian-friendly downtowns, where visitors are always warmly welcomed. Walking tours expose the layers of history to show how many Vermont towns have grown and prospered through the centuries.

a wooden sign saying resling that stands between rows of green grape vines

Wine Trail

Embark on a Vermont Grape and Wine Council tasting tour that’s bound to please your palate.

map of vermont with markers showing where to visit for culinary experiences

Vermont Culinary Experiences

Vermont’s scenic roadways lead to delicious, local cuisine by artisan chefs, creative food companies and passionate farmers.This six-day itinerary offers a sumptuous smorgasbord of Vermont agrarian and food experiences. Hungry for more? More Vermont culinary tours are at DigInVT.com.