100% Pure Vermont Maple

It's In Our Roots

Vermont generates over 50 percent of the country's maple syrup and in 2020 produced a record of 2 million gallons. Some are thinking, "Wow, that's a lot for such a small state!" but keep in mind, that's coming from more than 3,000 sugarhouses statewide.  

Cold nights and warm spring days activate the flow of sap in Vermont's sugarbushes. The sugar making process has evolved from sap buckets carried through the woods on a horse-drawn sleigh to today’s ultra-modern reverse osmosis technology. In the Spring, visit a sugarhouse to see firsthand how Vermont’s sweetest export is made and sample the goods. Bring home Vermont maple products to enjoy in your coffee, cocktails, baking, and cooking.
Boiling sap in a sugarhouse

Maple Open House Weekend

March 19-20 and 26-27, Vermont’s maple sugar makers open their doors to the public where you can take a sugarhouse tour, sample the product, or even walk through a sugarbush.

The Maple 100 - Vermont


Find maple-centered events, shop deals, and find lodging packages from September 15th - October 15th as you plan to enjoy Maple 100 in the fall.

The Vermont Maple Festival sign in St. Albans, VT.


Tap into the spirit of sugaring season at St. Albans’ annual Vermont Maple Festival. Sample the first harvest of the season – maple syrup – and take part in family-friendly events.

Sugar maker collecting sap


Vermont produces more maple syrup than any other state in the nation. Some offer tours, many offer samples and all have the sweet stuff in spades. Find a Vermont sugar maker to get a taste of Vermont.

Maple bundt cake

Vermont Maple Makes It

Vermont maple goes beyond the breakfast table, sweetening cakes and cocktails and adding punch to pickled veggies.

Sap dripping into bucket

How Maple is Made

Curious about how sap turns into syrup? From tapping maple trees to boiling sap, some say the most important step is sampling the product. See what else goes into the process.

Maple Pecan Scone - Brass Lantern Inn


From a natural sweetener in cocktails and coffee to glazes, sauces and dressings, there’s a variety of ways to use Vermont maple. Start with these recipes.

Maple syrup sign - module - vermont vacation

So Much More to Maple

Vermont’s sweetest treat is a breakfast staple, but in Vermont, maple takes on starring roles on other tables, too, from maple-infused ciders and craft beers to sweet, smoky cheeses and sauces.

Maple Syrup Grades

Maple Syrup Grades

Pure Vermont maple syrup is graded on color, clarity, density, and flavor. Learn how to pair maple syrup grades with different foods.


Making pure, all-natural maple products is part of Vermont’s heritage. The tradition has evolved over the years but the result remains the same: sweet, delicious Vermont maple.