Vermont State Parks

So Much to Explore

Vermont's 55 state parks offer a boundless range of outdoor recreation and exploration opportunities, from camping to fishing, backpacking to hiking, swimming to boating and just spending a nice long summer day outside. As state parks begin to reopen for the season, there's a lot to look forward to. Many of your favorite accommodations and offerings will return this year. Plan to return to your favorite state park, or find some new ones to adventure at this year.

View of Vermont mountains and State Parks from the Fire Tower at Elmore

State Parks

Vermont's 51 state parks offer unique ways to get outside, including paddling, hiking, camping and swimming. Get the latest on Vermont State Parks including visitation information.

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Find A Park

Vermont State Parks are the place to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're making camping reservations, deciding on a hike or looking for information, start at the park finder.

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Choose A Waterway

Vermont has plenty of lakes, ponds and other waterways that permit a visitor to enjoy by boat. Rules and regulations apply depending on the desired waters. Vermont State Parks provides all of the information you need.

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From tent camping to a cozy lean-to or a comfortable cottage, each Vermont State Park offers different experiences. This resrouce page, provided by Vermont State Parks, breaks down the amenities list by each state park.

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Whether walking in the woods or scrambling up a rock face, the Green Mountains are home to a wide variety of hiking options. Find your next peak and get ready for unforgettable adventure

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Vermont is home to unique lodging, world-class recreation, local food, shopping, history and art in beautiful surroundings. Plan your trip with our directory.

Vermont’s Forests Open Up

As Vermont’s trees drop their colorful leaves, the forests and hiking trails open up, offering more to discover throughout stick season. Hear more from the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.