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Whether your trip to Vermont will be a mid-week getaway or a month-long retreat, our itineraries are great resources for ideas and inspiration for your explorations of the Green Mountain State. For foodies, there's tasting tours for wine, beer, distilled spirits and cheese. For culture enthusiasts, there's artist studio tours, the Stone Trail, Civil War guide and guide to African American Heritage for a variety of perspectives. Palate to Palette is a delicious mash up of farm, food and the arts, while outdoor recreation, scenic drives, Vermont Byways, movies filmed in Vermont, walking tours and the birding guide lure you into Vermont's great outdoors. However your spirit is moved, let us help you find what you're looking for.

And should you lose your way, or if you are looking for local advice on more places to visit, you may want to stop at one of over fifty Vermont Ambassador Information Centers, where helpful staff will provide a local recommendation.



Vermont art is inspired by our state's natural beauty. Find scenes made famous in film, beautiful artwork and quality products.

Bread and cheese


Vermont is home to some of the nation's finest award-winning makers. Treat your taste buds on this trail of delicious food and drink.

Mountain biking in Stowe, Vermont.


From birding to hiking, and running to mountain biking, these trails are sure to test your endurance.

A line of porters in uniform.

African American Heritage Trail

Black Vermonters are an integral part of our state's history. Explore Vermont's Black history and meet Black people who shaped the nation.

Birds eye view of a Vermont roadway in the Summer

Drive to Vermont

A road trip to Vermont means ample opportunity to explore, discover new things and stretch your legs. Find trip suggestions and maps from several major cities near Vermont here. Your trip starts as soon as you hit the road.

Vermont Byways

Vermont by Road

Vermont’s 10 federally designated scenic byways will help you navigate the state and get the most out of your trip, helping you discover more.

Vermont Stone Trail brochure 2017.

The Vermont Stone Trail

Follow Vermont's Stone Trail and discover the history, art and culture that the granite, marble and slate mining industries infused in the Green Mountain State.

Cheese-maker at Plymouth Cheese.

How It's Made

A factory tour offers a birds-eye view into the making of your favorite Vermont products. Learn how Vermont ice cream, cheese, chocolate and more are produced.

Vermont's civil war history.

Vermont and the Civil War

Learn about Vermont's Civil War history. Visit museums, historic sites, and public memorials; explore preserved towns and villages, and hike local trails to learn about Vermont's role.