Five Vermont Sugarmakers Changing How You Enjoy Maple Syrup

Vermonters and visitors alike envision maple syrup coming in a plastic jug or beautiful glass bottle – or maybe even a traditional “cabin” tin. We’ll always have a place in our hearts for the classic look, but it’s exciting to see our state’s sugarmakers innovate. (Some have even sent their syrup to space.) Within the past few years, Vermont sugarmakers have led the way in developing innovative solutions to enjoy our sweetest export. We’ve compiled five innovators who have expanded beyond the jug. 

Untapped from Slopeside Syrup 
Slopeside Syrup in Richmond, Vermont is nestled right next to Cochran’s Ski Area, one of the nation’s oldest ski hills. Starting their operation by selling their syrup in modern glass bottles, they quickly diversified and launched Untapped, a brand that’s targeted toward providing athletes with an all-natural maple pick-me-up. Their products include a syrup packet, maple waffles in a variety of flavors, and Maple-Aid mix. 

Maple-to-Go™ from Brannon’s Maple 
So long to the giant gallon of Vermont maple syrup in the back of your fridge. Brannon’s in Fairfield, Vermont is making pure Vermont Maple Syrup mobile in a whole new way. Maple to Go!™ is a 3.4-ounce (100 ml) food-grade pouch with a re-closable, no-mess twist cap that allows for multiple usages. Inside the TSA-compliant pouch is the good stuff – pure USDA-certified organic Grade A amber/rich Vermont Maple Syrup, giving maple lovers a convenient option for bringing Vermont maple syrup where it’s never gone before. The pouches will be available soon on their website.  

Glittery Syrup from Runamok Maple 
While still packaged in their distinctive glass bottle, the team at Runamok Maple has gone glitter. The world’s first glitter maple syrup launches Sept. 1 on a limited release (hopefully, there are a few bottles left if you’re reading this!) The glitter is 100% edible and does not affect how the syrup tastes. It’s just for fun (and unicorns). While you’re on their site, check out what they’re doing with infused maple syrup. 

Maple Sugar Cubes from Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company 
We’ve seen brownie chunks and cookie dough chunks, but what about Maple Sugar Cubes? Perfect to dissolve into coffee (or as a snack on their own; we see you), these little cubes are an inventive way to enjoy maple syrup without the mess of pouring from the container. We could see these as a great topping for blondies or broken up and used in cookies. (Or in the candy dish at work. We’re not judging.) 

Maple BBQ Spice Rub from Boston Post Dairy 
A lot of people season their meat with salt and pepper. Have you tried seasoning with maple? This Maple Barbecue Rub is great on pork, beef, chicken and fish. You can even sprinkle it on your salad! Made from Boston Post Dairy’s own maple syrup, it incorporates chili pepper and cayenne to bring the heat and balance out the sweet. 

It’s great to see Vermont sugarmakers working on and researching new ways to bring maple to the masses. We look forward to updating this list in the future with another batch of innovators. 

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