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Pick Your Own in Vermont

Find a Vermont Orchard or Patch

The best way to enjoy produce is sun-ripened and plucked right from the vine. Vermont's focus on fresh food, locally produced, means there's no shortage of places to pick; all summer and fall you can take your time finding the perfect fruits and veggies at pick-your-own farm stands. In addition to cool-weather crops like kale and winter squash, October is the perfect time to pick your own pumpkins and apples. Make a family day of it! Many pick-your-own pumpkin and apple farms feature hot cider, donuts or horse-drawn wagon rides.
Scott Farm Orchard

Scott Farm Orchard Focuses on Heirloom Apples

Dummerston’s Scott Farm Orchard has been the hub of an heirloom apple empire since the early 20th century. Today, it’s a pick-your-own orchard, a festival and educational venue, and newly minted hard cider brewer.

A Vermont farmer with his livestock.


Visiting a local farm stand or pick your own is a simple, beautiful way to buy your produce. Find orchards, meet producers and get to know Vermont's local food scene.

Apple picking in Vermont

Apple Orchards in Vermont

Picking your own apples while snacking on cider donuts is a hallmark of the harvest season. Here are 7 Vermont orchards to check out as the fruit ripens.

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Dig In Vermont

Dig into the latest in Vermont food news, events and information by checking out our official agritourism marketing partner Dig In Vermont.

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Vermont’s apples are widely known for flavor, texture and versatility. Pick your own at a Vermont orchard or enjoy the taste of the season in cider, doughnuts, pies or other baking.

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Meet Vermont’s Apple Growers

Vermont’s orchards produce fruit infused with the flavors of Vermont’s landscapes and seasons. As apples statewide begin to ripen, get to know Vermont’s growers via Dig In.

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Vermont is home to unique lodging, world-class recreation, local food, shopping, history and art in beautiful surroundings. Plan your trip with our directory.

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Free Vermont Inspiration Guide

Vermont’s annual Inspiration Guide contains trip planning resources including itineraries, regional attractions, and a comprehensive directory. Order your free package and start planning today.

Find a farmers market

Find a Farmers Market

Explore more than 70 farmers markets statewide, as well as nearby attractions for each, and start planning your localvore experience.