Made in Vermont Cheese

Made In Vermont

Quality Handmade Products

Vermont products are made by craftspeople who take pride in their work. From coffee roasters, and sugar makers, to carpenters, dairy farmers, and potters--the focus and patience in seeing a product through the entire process is one of many reasons why Vermont products are in such high demand.

Stop in at a participating sugarhouse in the Spring, or enjoy ice cream at Ben & Jerry's after their tour in the summer. For a perfect autumn day, stop in at the Cold Hollow Cider taste some fresh cider and donuts. In the winter, enjoy some comfort-food accompanied with an award winning Vermont draft beer at one of our many breweries.

Stowe Cider Product Shot by Waterfall

Hard Cider

Hard cider is a great refreshing beverage to enjoy during the sunny days in the spring. There's more than just apple flavor, too!

A Cheers of Lawson's Finest Liquids

Beer Lovers Paradise

Vermont’s craft beer industry has grown from a few early start-ups to more than 50 today, and Vermont is first in the nation for breweries and brew pubs per capita.


Vermont Artisanal Cheese

Vermont is home to more than 45 cheesemakers using milk from sheep, goats and cow breeds, ranging from Dutch Belted to Brown Swiss and Jerseys.


Wine Tastings Anyone?

Wine in the Green Mountain State is a growing industry. Hand-crafted varieties of reds, whites, and dessert wines offer a full range of choices, as do fruit wines made with blueberries, rhubarb, apples and raspberries.

Lake Champlain Chocolates Truffles on Tray

Indulge in Vermont Chocolates

Chocolatiers in Vermont have been providing the state with delicious treats for a long time. Taste the best of both worlds with maple flavored chocolate!

Wilcox's Premium Ice Cream in Brandon, VT.

Vermont Ice Cream

When the temperatures start to rise in spring, we head to our favorite ice cream stand.


100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Vermonters are proud of their sugarmakers and the products they make. Maple syrup is all-natural and made by a very simple process; but that doesn't mean it's easy!


Vermont Spirits

A number of the distilleries have tasting rooms where the products they make can be sampled and purchased.

Northern Vermont overlay on red barn.

Northern Vermont Products

Northern Vermont doesn't just have some of the best beers, cheeses, win's and hand-crafted furniture produced in the country; it's are also known for technology and innovation.

Central Vermont overlay on people running in the snow with their dog.

Central Vermont Products

Central Vermont is filled with age-old products such as granite, maple and ice cream that use modern technology to innovate and grow.

Southern Vermont overlay on cross country skier.

Southern Vermont Products

Southern Vermont is well known for the finely crafted products and innovations that are created within the region. From delicate wines, complex hand crafted beers to exquisite hand crafted furniture.