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Vermont Makes the Best Ice Cream

If you know what a creemee is, odds are good you've been to Vermont before. It's a Vermont term for soft-serve – but here in Vermont, we like it creamier, thicker and colder. Maple creemees are a Vermont summer tradition, but some roadside stands offer almost 100 flavors of ice cream, both soft-serve and scoops. 

We all think Vermont when we see those blue Ben & Jerry's pints bedecked with cheery cows, but Ben and Jerry are far from the state's sole producers of sweet, delicious ice cream. 

Vermont's ice cream producers range from innovative makers throughout the state with large operations to stands by the sides of roads offering delicious creemees and a scoop of local flavor. Many spots also offer a menu, as well as some very Vermonty views. You could plan a whole trip around Vermont's ice cream stands and scoop shops.
Morse Farm Ice Cream

Try a Vermont Creemee

Creemees are Vermont’s answer to soft-serve, cold, thick and refreshing. Sample a signature Vermont maple or try another flavor – the members of Vermont’s 251 Club have rounded up their favorites.

Ben and Jerrys Waffle Cones

Vermont's Favorite Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry put Vermont ice cream on the map when they opened their first scoop shop in 1978 in an old gas station in Burlington. Take a factory tour or simply enjoy a scoop or several!


Vermont’s award-winning dairy is a fixture in Vermont’s homemade ice cream, enjoyed year round in a cone or a dish. Meet the makers at Island Homemade Ice Cream and whet your appetite for a scoop or two.


Vermont's ice cream makers are as unique as our towns and regions. Find Vermont ice cream near you, or use our map to plan an ice cream tasting tour of the state!