Vermont Spirits

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Vermont is home to a thriving spirits industry. Our in-state distillers are producing a wide variety of products, from vodka and maple liqueurs to gin and rye whiskey. Many of them are winning national acclaim and international awards for their fine quality and appealing flavor. A number of the distilleries have tasting rooms where the products they make can be sampled and purchased. You may also find local distillers at farmers’ markets, special events, or festivals around the state.

If you would like to sample Vermont-made spirits, check out this calendar of tasting events for locations, times, and products.

Vermont Distilled Spirits tasting tour brochure.

Distilled Spirit Tasting

Vermont is home to some of America’s finest artisanal distilleries, proudly producing small-batch spirits the Vermont way... crafted by hand. Tour Green Mountain distilleries.

Vermont Spirits Silo Distillery

Distilled Spirits Council

Visit a distillery, learn about the process, take a tasting tour and win a free t-shirt!

Vermont Winery Passport.

Wine Trail

Sip and swirl on a Vermont Grape and Wine Council tasting tour that’s bound to please every palate. Tasting Vermont's wine is one of the finest ways to experience our culture.

A Cheers of Lawson's Finest Liquids

Vermont Craft Brewing

The Vermont Brewers Association is your first stop for updates, information and directions to Vermont's breweries. Read about beers, find a trail to taste along, or get tickets to signature events.

Stowe Cider Product Shot by Waterfall

Hard Cider

Hard cider is a great refreshing beverage to enjoy during the sunny days in the spring. There's more than just apple flavor, too!


Wine Tastings Anyone?

Wine in the Green Mountain State is a growing industry. Hand-crafted varieties of reds, whites, and dessert wines offer a full range of choices, as do fruit wines made with blueberries, rhubarb, apples and raspberries.


Vermont's craft distillers take creative, unique approaches to making key components to your favorite cocktails. Meet industry professionals and go behind the scenes - you'll be saying "Cheers" to Vermont spirits before you know it.