Fishing Vermont


Fishing is a great way to escape from everyday stress--relax and enjoy the day’s catch.

Whether you fly fish Vermont’s creeks and streams, cast from a boat on Lake Champlain, or fish from shore, fishing is a slower-paced recreational activity – but that doesn’t mean it lacks excitement! The adrenaline rush you get from reeling in a fish is so exhilarating, so intoxicating, you’ll “get hooked” on the sport your first time out. For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy experiencing nature and its resources, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Fishing in Vermont is a cost-effective recreational activity for the entire family. Looking to add some competitiveness to your next fishing trip? Be sure to check out the master angler program. Every year, someone new qualifies for this elite club of anglers with a fish that meets or exceeds the minimum length or weight for that particular species. This sport is all-inclusive in the way that men, women, and children all have the same chance to catch the next Vermont state record. It doesn’t matter what your gender, size, or age is; all that's needed is to make sure you have a line in the water.

With four different license types to choose from, anglers can purchase the license that best fits their trip schedule. Buy your license online and get out on the water!

Buy your fishing and hunting license online.


Vermont Fish and Wildlife has information on current regulations, stocking schedules, events and more. It's also convenient to buy your license online, with only a few clicks.

Find a place to fish.

Where To Fish

The hardest part of a fishing trip, in a different state, is finding the perfect body of water that gives you the best chance for success. Sign up to receive Fishing Reports for the latest tips.

Father and son fishing in Vermont

Family Friendly Fishing

Fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with loved ones! Beginning anglers can learn new skills at Let's Go Fishing events.

Fishing from a motorized boat on Lake Carmi.

Vermont Boating Laws

Looking to get your Vermont boater's license or simply trying to stay up to date with today's rules & regulations? This guide is a helpful resource that will teach you everything from the basics to laws that are specific to Vermont.

Vermont Outdoor Guide Association logo.

Vermont Outdoor Guide Association

You will find listings of guide services for all activities along with support services, lodging, retail and rental equipment, and travel information.

Official Vermont Vacation Guide Summer 2020

Free Vermont Vacation Guide

Also available online, the Vermont Vacation Guide is filled with insider info to steer your Vermont visit in the right direction.


Fishing is a great way to connect with the outdoors and your loved ones. This year, get hooked on fishing – check out Vermont’s waterways and see what’s biting. An added bonus: you’ll get to bring home dinner.