It's Bold Outside

Winter Adventure is Calling

Vermont is a four-season destination with no shortage of outdoor adventures. Vermont is home to 67 mountains, five of them taller than 4,000 feet, 55 state parks, and between 80 and 100 inches of average snowfall statewide every year, so our winters offer something for everyone. Whether you've always dreamed of scaling an icy waterfall or mountain face or bedding down for the night in a snowdrift, adventure abounds during a Vermont winter, and we think you're up for the challenge. As Vermont continues to respond to COVID-19, safety is as important as ever; please check our travel guidance and remember masks are required to be worn in Vermont to slow the spread (and keep your face warm!)
ice climbing

Ice Climbing

Climbing Vermont's icy waterfalls and mountain faces requires careful concentration, the right equipment and the desire to push yourself further and higher.


Winter Hiking

Our state parks never close, which gives an open invitation to anyone who is looking to walk through our winter wanderland. Experience the views of a lifetime in Vermont.

Snowmobilers riding on VAST trails.


Experience the magic of Vermont's winter highways. With well-marked trails, easy access to fuel stops, food and accommodations you'll never want to travel off path.


Winter Camping

Camping in the winter offers a sense of calm and a unique way to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the season. See a new side of Vermont's great outdoors.

ice fishing

Ice Fishing

Whether you're fishing a Lake Champlain bay or a smaller body of water off the beaten path, ice fishing is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors during the cold winter months.

Group of people enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride at dusk.

What to Do

Vermont’s downtowns are home to unique shopping, history and art in beautiful surroundings. Plan your trip with our directory.


Get cozy and drop your hook; ice fishing in Vermont is a good old-fashioned good time, whether you’re out with friends, family or by yourself to enjoy the serenity and stillness of a Vermont winter. Bonus: you might just bring home dinner.