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Rock Climbing

Challenge Your Strength And Ability

Climbing up a Vermont peak offers a chance to reach new heights. Rock climbing is a puzzle solving, challenging exercise with a big reward at the end – amazing views of Vermont. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Vermont safely and come down with incredible memories. Here are some resources on getting started.

Bouldering in Lake Champlain

Rock Climbing in Vermont

Vermont is home to some great mountains with epic climbing terrain. Learn the ropes of climbing safety and guidelines in Vermont - then we'll see you out there!

Rock climbing in Vermont

Climb Vermont

For those adventurous types, nothing says Vermont Adventure more than climbing one of Vermont's cliffs. Choose between an indoor center or a guided tour.

Bouldering in Vermont

Plan Your Climb

CRAG VT offers up-to-date information about where to climb, safety conditions and guidelines, as well as the opportunity to get involved in the climbing community.

vermont hiking - mt pisgah


Whether walking in the woods or scrambling up a rock face, the Green Mountains are home to a wide variety of hiking options. Find your next peak and get ready for unforgettable adventure

Bicyclists enjoy a ride on a sunny day.

Outdoor Recreation

Autumn hikes, mountain bike rides, making camp among the fiery leaves, and paddling and fishing on clear water reflecting the foliage are just some of the ways to enjoy this season.

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Vermont is home to unique lodging, world-class recreation, local food, shopping, history and art in beautiful surroundings. Plan your trip with our directory.