Water Sports

Clean Rivers, Lakes, and Streams

Recreating on the water is a fun way to spend time during the warmer months in Vermont. Whether you want to kayak, canoe, sail, or paddle-board, be sure to check out Vermont State Parks to find a body of water that's most appropriate for your desired activity.

Hammock by the lakeside

Choose A Waterway

Vermont has plenty of lakes, ponds and other waterways that permit a visitor to enjoy by boat. Rules and regulations apply depending on the desired waters. Vermont State Parks provides all of the information you need, with a PDF for each category.

Dog sleeps next to campsite

What Amenities Are Important To You?

From tent camping to a cozy lean-to or a comfortable cottage, each Vermont State Park offers different experiences. View this PDF, provided by Vermont State Parks, that breaks down the amenities list by each state park.

A fly fisherman casts a line into stream.


Whether you fly fish Vermont’s creeks and streams, cast from a boat on Lake Champlain, or fish from shore, fishing is a slower-paced recreational activity – but that doesn’t mean it lacks excitement!

Fishing from a motorized boat on Lake Carmi.

Vermont Boating Laws

Looking to get your Vermont boater's license or simply trying to stay up to date with today's rules & regulations? This guide is a helpful resource that will teach you everything from the basics to laws that are specific to Vermont.

Friends taking a break from skiing


Camping in Vermont means nights under the stars, cozy campfires and the chance to forge tighter bonds and escape the everyday. Vermont's campgrounds are beckoning - we've saved you a spot.