Statewide Local Produce

Fresh for your Family

The roadside farm stand with its selection of that day's harvest has long been a part of the Vermont scene, but the farmers market takes it to a whole new level. Think of them as a large gourmet food store where "buy local" is the motto. A place where a consumer can buy directly from the farmer.

Farmers’ markets showcase Vermont’s abundant local foods and crafts culture – where heirloom tomatoes rest next to hand-made furniture and ethnic foods and fiddlers unite.

In all, about 85 farmer's markets throughout the state offer bustling kiosks and stands that are a colorful Green Mountain twist on the European, straight-from-the-farm tradition. Some of these amazing markets are in cities such as Montpelier, Burlington, St. Albans, Rutland and Brattleboro. Others are held weekly on scenic village greens in towns like Waitsfield in the Mad River Valley, Chelsea, Danville, Fairlee and Bristol.

With Vermont’s abundance of small farmers and artisanal food producers, local farmers’ markets provide a setting to enjoy the outdoors and find fresh produce, baked goods, arts, and crafts of the highest quality - while connecting directly with the farmers and producers.

See you at the market!