Rivers, Lakes & Streams

Paddle, Row or Swim

When people think of Vermont, they may think about small, historic villages with white clapboard buildings surrounded by scenic rural landscape. But make no mistake: you’ll also find plenty of water in Vermont. No boat? No problem. Vermont is home to thousands of fresh-water lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams--which is why our waters are such a desired destination for everything from swimming to fishing to tubing.  Sometimes all it takes is getting out on the water for some serious reflection during your Vermont vacation.

Vermont State Parks' Top Five

With 52 state parks, there really is something here for everyone. Review the top five state parks for each category, to make sure you're choosing the right one for you and your family.


Water Adventures

Paddle down our rivers and lakes. 

What Amenities Are Important To You?

View this PDF, provided by Vermont State Parks, that breaks down the amenities list by each state park.

Swimming In Vermont

Taking a dip in one of Vermont's pristine lakes will be the highlight of your summer vacation. With so many bodies of water to choose from, it helps to get some pointers from the experts.

Choose a Waterway

Vermont has plenty of lakes, ponds and other waterways that visitors can enjoy by boat. Rules and regulations apply, depending on the desired waters. Vermont State Parks provides all of the information you need, with a PDF for each category.