Steeped in History, Embracing Change


Bellows Falls has a history of embracing innovation. The first bridge to be built anywhere on the 410-mile long Connecticut River was across the narrow Bellows Falls gorge. Later, in 1850, the arrival of railroads transformed the village into a regional rail hub, and water-powered mills made Bellows Falls one of the nation's largest paper manufacturers in the early 20th century. Today the downtown district still has some of the look of the 19th century and the feel of the mid 20th. 

Visit Bellows Falls with safety and respect for Vermont’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 in mind.  You’ll find a wide range of locally owned restaurants, featuring locally sourced food, antiques and art galleries, and an eclectic mix of shops, including a time-warp hardware store where the old wood floors creak underfoot. Take an historical walking tour to see nearby residential neighborhoods rich in Victorian era architecture, or read about the history of the town.

While visiting Bellows Falls, be sure to take in these attractions: 

Bellows Falls Canal 
Adams Old Stone Grist Mill Museum

Bellows Falls Vermont

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