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Enjoy a Vermont September

Words and photos courtesy of Seven Days

Embrace the State With Vermont's 'Staytripper' 
By Carolyn Fox

In a typical year, summer is the busiest season for Vermont's tourism industry — and fall foliage attracts visitors to our Green Mountains from across the globe. But as we bridge these two seasons in 2020, nothing is normal. Due to the pandemic, interstate as well as international travel has slowed, and Vermont vacations look a lot different.

As we reported stories for this issue of Staytripper, Seven Days' monthly road map to rediscovering Vermont, we heard a familiar refrain from tour and lodging operators: While they've lost a great deal of out-of-state tourism — and money — they're welcoming more and more Vermonters who are seeking safe getaways and playing tourist in their own state. Many are discovering its hidden gems for the first time. If there's a silver lining to the pandemic, perhaps it's a newfound appreciation for the natural beauty right under our noses.

This issue will guide you to it, from impressive mountain biking vistas to outdoor dinner parties to remote pond-side cottages where you have no option but to unplug. Whether you choose to follow a serene kayak route on Lake Champlain or wade into a river on a fly-fishing adventure, we encourage you to embrace this state — and state of mind — and splash right in.
Paddling-1-James Buck

Paddling Adventures in Vermont

Paddling in Vermont is a great way to enjoy the solitude and beauty of the great outdoors. Get tips for your next paddling excursion with Vermont weekly Seven Days and two women who’ve made a lifestyle on the water.

Fishing-3-Oliver Parini

Fly-Fishing in Vermont

First time fly-fishing? It’s good to go with a guide. Vermont weekly Seven Days takes you through a beginner’s first trip angling Vermont’s waterways, and presents tips and tricks for a successful trip.

Adventure Dinner

Get Adventurous With Dinner

Vermont chef Sas Stewart throws “adventure dinners,” inviting family and friends to secret locations and cooking creatively for them. Get her tips on throwing your own safe, socially distanced and delicious adventure dinner.

Quimby-1-courtesy of Quimby Country

Solitude and Serenity at a Vermont Retreat

Quimby Country is among Vermont’s most secluded retreats, with everything you need for a memorable vacation with the family, your partner, or your friends, from tennis, swimming, paddling and fishing to quiet places to recharge and relax.

Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy a Vermont Summer

Vermont is a four-season destination. If you're used to seeing the state covered in snow, here are some ways to enjoy it in summer.

About the series

This series, a partnership between Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing and Seven Days, will run seasonally, presenting curated excursions in every corner of Vermont. The idea is to highlight the state's restaurants, retailers, attractions and outdoor adventures so Vermonters and visitors alike can plan safe, local trips and discover new corners of the state. Happy traveling, and stay safe.